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MAM - The Fund Manager's Trading Tool

MAM (Multi-Account Management) multi-account management system is specially tailored for professional fund managers. It manages the trading configuration of multiple trading accounts at the same time through a simple and practical interface. The MAM account is equivalent to a master account, and there are several sub accounts below, which are independent of each other and are a form of copying. Investors only need to input the total number of trades, and the system will execute the trade according to the allocation method selected by the investor, and automatically allocate the traded lots to different individual investors. Account managers can trade for multiple investors quickly, efficiently and accurately through a single trading account.

The system is for management of multiple accounts. Provides a convenient and easy-to-use management platform, the advanced features of a multi-account management system, combined with convenient configurability, flexible performance management to achieve more powerful customized trading solutions, and the ability to create unlimited trading strategies using a variety of allocation methods, and Enable copy trading to generate additional profits.